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Trevor Hamilton and Associates (THA) is in the process of establishing a new JUST-IN-TIME centre to offer support services in Logistics, Human Resource Management and other functional management Business-to-Business areas.
THA is a Jamaican-Guyanese wholly owned firm with its headquarters in Jamaica. The firm’s experience spans a portfolio of more than 800 consultancies in over 30 countries including Jamaica and all other Member CARICOM countries, North American and several countries in Central and South American, Africa and the Pacific. Its clients include some of the leading international, Caribbean, regional and national organizations and enterprises.
Based on the foregoing, THA seeks to maintain a functional database of highly qualified and experienced professionals whose services we can market both locally and across the English-speaking Caribbean, Central America and Africa. As a member of our network and a strategic partner of THA:
  • We give you additional access to lucrative markets
  • Your goods and services will become associated with highly sought-after brands
  • You will earn incremental revenue and profits
  • You will be able to access professional help any time you need it
  • You will successfully sell your services and goods to government
  • You will need much less working capital to operate your business
  • Your service fee will be very small fraction of the incremental revenue
  • Your small service fee will only be payable on the basis of realized incremental revenue
  • The services will be delivered by Expert Practitioners
  • Your idle excess inventory, time, staffing and production capacity will be fully utilized
  • You will be assisted to be responsive to your customer needs in a much shorter time
  • You will be assisted to become a unique supplied
  • You will be more competitive
  • Your branch will get local and international exposure
  • You will get support from highly experienced product service specialist
  • You will be doing businesses only with those who have very favourable reputation for paying

The firm’s specialized services are delivered in all of the Caribbean’s strategic industries and sectors:

  • Educational

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Commerce

  • Agri-Business

  • Entertainment / Sports

  • Government Services

  • Utilities

  • Human Resources

  • Mining

  • Financial Services

  • ICT


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