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Trevor Hamilton and Associates Center for Excellence was founded by its principal Dr. Trevor Hamilton.  It has been operating as an international management consulting firm in excess of 20 years.  During this period, it has successfully completed more than 700 multi-disciplinary projects in more than 30 countries. Trevor Hamilton and Associates has served both private and public sectors across the Commonwealth Caribbean and other regions.

Meet Us First

Trevor Hamilton and Associates Center for Excellence has over 60 Associate Consultants with expertise covering Project Management, Environmental Assessment, Human Resource Development, Legislative Policy Development, Strategic Planning and Trade and Economic Development. Associate Partners have collaborated with multinational agencies to assist private and public sectors in regional development.

Just In Time Business 2 Business Services

Trevor Hamilton and Associates (THA) is in the process of establishing a new JUST-IN-TIME centre to offer support services in Logistics, Human Resource Management and other functional management Business-to-Business areas.
THA is a Jamaican-Guyanese wholly owned firm with its headquarters in Jamaica. The firm’s experience spans a portfolio of more than 800 consultancies in over 30 countries including Jamaica and all other Member CARICOM countries, North American and several countries in Central and South American, Africa and the Pacific. Its clients include some of the leading international, Caribbean, regional and national organizations and enterprises.
Visit our JIT B2B Services page.

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